The Art of the Sword- Zoom Conference
$10 Pre-Sale Tickets on sale now!

Join us for 3 days (Feb 18-20, 2021) of sword talks from speakers like:

Peter Johnsson, Master Sword Smith,
Peter Lyon, Master Sword Smith
Leo Todeshini, of Tod’s Workshop,
James Elmslie of the Elmslie Single Edge Sword Typology,
Nicholas Cochiolo of Forged in Fire Season 5,
World famous Jouster and HEMA Harnessfetchen instructor Arne Koets,
Reenactors The Turnip Of Terror and Modern Medieval Man,
Author and Fencer J.M. Aucoin,
Noted HEMA instructor Brittany Reeves from Mordhau Historical Combat,
Reece Nelson and Ben Bruce of Pursuing the Knightly Arts,
Frank Perrin, of Razmafzar: Historical Persian Martial Arts,
Ben Higgins of Quarterstaff Games,
And more!

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Live-Streamed Presentations for Fall 2020 Classes!

We know that teachers are working hard to come up with ways to continue bringing exciting new ways to learn to their students, and we want to help!

Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, many schools are no longer allowing outside groups to bring in-person presentations to classes, we are partnering with Zoom to be able to still bring live, interactive talks to your classrooms! If you would like to schedule a Zoom Presentation for your class this fall, or have questions about our presentations please send us an email at

We can’t wait to bring history alive in your classrooms!