The Art of the Sword Zoom Sessions

Here are the recorded Zoom sessions from the February 18-20th Zoom conference.
Unfortunately all of the recordings from the first day did not convert properly, and so are cut short. We apologize, and are working with Zoom to see if we can get the full videos.

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Session 1- Ari Ailin & Matt Blazek talk about Swords in Reenactment
Session 2- Peter Johnsson talks about Sword Smithing.
Session 3: Nicholas Cochiolo on Sword Smithing and Forged in Fire
Session 4- Evan Ringo & Beth Hammer on the importance of Sword Sports.
Session 5- Tanya Smith of Rogue Fencing NYC teaches an Intro to HEMA Longsword Session
Session 6- James Elmslie The Study of Single Edged Arms in Medieval and Renaissance Europe
Session 7- Andrew Frasier The Good Guy with a Sword: The Violence of the Medieval Cities
Session 8- Da’Mon Stith Traditional African Martial Arts and Swordplay
Sessino 9- Peter Lyon and Tod Todeschini
Session 10- Frank Perrin
Session 11- Reece Nelson and Ben Bruce
Session 12- Dr. James Hester
Session 13- Brittany Reeves and Justin Aucion
Session 14- Ben Higgins