Current and Upcoming Projects

Here are some of the exciting educational experience projects we’re currently working on

The Knight’s Tomb

We partnered with the university of Maine’s Innovative Media Research and Commercialization lab to create a life sized sculpted Tomb Effigy! Based off of effigy designs of the late 14th and 15th centuries, and using a 3D scan of our lead historical interpreter.

AX: Altered Exhibit

We’re creating a new way to view museum collections!
Using Photogrammetry and AR (Augmented Reality) technologies we’re creating a mobile app that enhances exhibit and classroom learning experiences.


We’re hard at work developing our first mobile museum exhibit:
“The Age of Chivalry: The Evolution of European Arms and Armor 1066-1600.” The goal of this project is to pair life sized images of the best medieval reenactors in the world, along with physical objects, and interactive displays.