Mobile Museum Exhibits

We’re hard at work developing our first mobile museum exhibit:

“The Age of Chivalry: The Evolution of European Arms and Armor 1066-1600.”

The goal of this project is to pair life sized images of the best medieval reenactors in the world, along with physical objects, and interactive displays, in order to bring a life-changing museum experience to areas where students may never get a chance to visit a place like the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This is an ambitious project that is generating a lot of positive buzz! We already have Dr. Tobias Capwell, the curator of Arms and Armour for the Wallace Collection; Award winning author, medievalist and Historic European Martial Art instructor Jess Finley; popular youtube producer and reenactor Ian LaSpina of Knyght Errant; and well known living history interpreters and reenactors Patrick Morton, and Dr. Joe Metz signed on!

With more people asking to be involved with the project every day! 

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